Transformation Management

A major overhaul of your business systems is your chance to make major improvements. Replacing legacy systems with modern tech, breaking up monolithic, "do it all" systems into best of breed, and training staff are usually part of it. Opportunities this big do not come by very often so ensure you make the most of it.


Step 1 - We listen to your vision

Without vision from the customer, how can we know where our ultimate destination will be?  Success will ultimately be measured on how well we meet expectations here.  The vision will not be static and will change as we go through the steps but will always be the foundation of where the journey takes us.


Step 2 - We take you on a tour of the software market for your industry

Sometimes just knowing what is out there and available is half the battle.  We show you the best software solutions for your industry based on independent parties like Gartner and our own study of your industry to speed the selection.  This typically involves meeting with top vendors and viewing customized demos made for you.  Just sit back and take it all in and we will do the rest!

Guided Shopping

Step 3 - We help you choose the best of breed software solutions piece by piece

After your customized and industry specific tour of the market, we help you put all the pieces together that are right for you based on your needs, not the vendors or our own. The value of a skilled, independent, and trustworthy opinion is priceless. The days of one solution doing everything are over. With the advent of integration platforms and cloud technology, many times it makes the most sense to pick the best solutions for particular purposes as opposed to looking for that "perfect" or "all-in-one" solution. We help you decide the best pieces for the your organization as a whole based on desired business outcomes and requirements.

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Step 4 - Plan the transformation program

Designing an implementation plan for a single software change is a big task. Transforming the business is exponentially more challenging as the dependencies and business change impacts can be all-encompassing. Sometimes it makes business sense to change slowly or piecemeal. In other cases, you need to change all at once. Strategy is a huge part of the success here. C Level is here to work with all vendors and stakeholders to create the plan that will ensure a successful transformation.

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Step 5 - Execute the plan

Planning makes all the difference but no plan goes perfectly. Fortunately for you having highly skilled consultants pays dividends when bumps in the road come along. We have the business acumen and technical skills to prevent as well as overcome challenges at the highest levels. You will be glad you have the expertise of C Level on your side every step of the way. We shine the most if things get tough.

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Step 6 - Support, Enhance, & Innovate

Support is our most treasured offering by our existing clients. The C Level difference on support is particularly extraordinary. From the beginning we have made it a core part of our business. Whether it be the every day simple things, enhancing what you already have, or major upgrades our customers stay because of their ongoing experience with us after the transformation is long complete.

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